Closet Valet Rods

Our closet valet rods are one of the most installed closet accessory that we offer…Our clients love to accent their new closets with this closet accessory that offers an easy way to free hang their clothing garments in a layout that faces towards them as opposed to being side-by-side with other hanging clothes.


We offer a few different styles of closet rods depending on your needs, we have a single pull which is ideal to hang clothes that you preparing to wear that evening or the next day, and we also offer a laundry valet rod to hang multiple items, which is great for grouping your dry cleaned garments.

Toronto Closet Accessories

Looking for the latest closet accessories?…Well here is our list of the top 5 closet accessories

1. Rounded Corner Rods
2. Pull out Pant Racks
3. Folding Ironing Boards
4. Swing out Hampers
5. Pull down High Hanging Rods