Closet Jewelry Trays

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Jewelry Trays from Toronto Custom Closets come in a variety of layouts and styles. From velvet to acrylic, we have the right trays for you

Drawer Tie Boxes

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For the man who likes to roll and neatly organize their ties, we have a terrific custom fit option available for you that tucks away nicely in almost any drawer

Closet Shoe Fences

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Shoe and Boot Fences are one of the most popular requested closet add-on. Angled shoe fence shelves allow you full preview of your shoes without having to pull them out

Wire Storage Baskets

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Sliding wire baskets allow easy access to your belongings by offering high visibility into the basket without the need to pull it out.

Hanging Pant Racks

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Sliding pant racks allow convenient access to your pants when the unit is pulled out, and then once again easy storage management when they are tucked back in

Closet Valet Rods

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Valet rods are a great addition to any custom closet, especially when preparing for a big night out on the town, or perhaps just for organizing dress shirts to bring to the dry cleaner

Sliding Tie/Belt Racks

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Sliding closet racks allow tuck away storage for both belt and ties when not in use, and then easy access whenever needed.

Closet Laundry Hampers

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Hidden laundry hampers blend well into your custom closet, any yet they allow you not to lose any laundry storage functionality