Closet Ideas

Custom Closet Corners

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When designing your closet, we will spend time with you reviewing how to best utilize all your space including areas such as designing effectively for difficult corners.

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Before designing your closet, take into account all air vents, light switches, wood trim, attic doors, fire alarms, electrical outlets…You will be amazed at the various workarounds we have come across due to these oversights

Cabinet Drawer Fronts

There are a wide variety of style, colour, finish, texture combinations to play with when selecting your custom cabinetry. We provide samples of cabinet doors, drawers, partitions, hardware to ensure that your custom design looks perfect.

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Closet Layout Tip

Take stock of your current inventory before looking to design your new closet. For example, do you like to fold your sweaters or hang them. Do you hang or fold your pants etc… Answers to these questions will ensure that your new closet will perfectly address your personal lifestyle needs.

Cabinet Hardware

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We have a wide variety and selection of modern and traditional handles, knobs, pulls and rings in a wide variety of styles and colours.

-Oil Rubbed Bronze
-Brushed Nickel
-Cast Iron

We also have established relationships with some of the key hardware vendors, like Richelieu, that we can source unique knobs and pulls to meet you exact needs.

Check out pictures of some of our work.